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the Rosie Winter mystery series

Meet Rosie Winter--starry-eyed starlet-to-be, plucky patriot,

part-time detective. She Can Do It!



"What a blast from the past.

Kathryn Miller Haines perfectly captures the feel, sights and sounds of New York in the 1940s. Her Rosie (not a riveter but struggling actress and reluctant sleuth) is feisty, mouthy and a lot of fun."

Rhys Bowen, author of The Molly Murphy and Constable Evans Mysteries

“Newcomer Haines...knowingly describes thespian combativeness and audition politics…But her real success is her pitch-perfect rendering of the early ‘40s, from rationing to java stops at the automat.”

Kirkus Reviews

"Haines's assured debut ... is a fun romp, though the author, herself a playwright and actor, provides some dark commentary on avant-garde theater and war as well as an unexpected and wicked twist in the novel's final act."

Publisher's Weekly





Kathryn Miller Haines is a writer, actor, and award-winning playwright living in Western Pennsylvania.

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